Founded in 1999 Parent-U-Turn (PUT)for Leadership in Parent Education has a wealth of experience assisting schools and districts, as a result student achievements have improved. Parent-U-Turn’s greatest strength is advocacy. Parent -U-Turn showcases the best practices for parent
involvement. Our training supports parents as the advocate for 21st century. We developed the relevance framework for parent involvement that is relevant for all parents. Parent-U-Turn recognizes and respects that each child is different. The school’s primary mission is to foster a love for learning to all
students. The goal has been to assist parents in navigating the school system
from grades K-16.

The Parent Survival Guide, sponsored by Congresswoman Linda Sanchez,
was written by urban parents who, themselves, have struggled in navigating
the K12 public school system. It is a map that urban parents can use to understand the
Ins and Outs of the public school structure. For example, it breaks down the
different offices within the school and explains each individual role. This is
because most parents complain about how schools frequently send them from
one office to another to get the help they need.

This guide also covers such topics as college preparation, scholarships and
grants available for undocumented immigrants and Africa -American students. It covers
the ABC’s for student success, special education, and information about how
to work within the school structure. The guide also provides information for immigrant families and parents of color in finding support for their college-bound children with
scholarship information (name of organization, requirements information).

Parent-U-Turn programs and services are available to all parents, schools, districts,
and community organizations. However, priority is given to school communities in
Los Angeles County that are low performing and demonstrate a desire to collaborate
with PUT. To the extent possible, program materials are available in the predominant
language of the community served.

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