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School Inequality Matters

Author: Mary Johnson, President Parent-U-Turn The 21st Century Multicultural Parent Strategies Handbook As a parent living in the inner city, the 21st Century seems more like 1954. Our schools are more separate and unequal than ever. When I speak of … Continue reading

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What Every Parent Wishes Teachers Knew

By Author Mary Johnson ” The 21st Century Parent Multicultural Parent Strategies Handbook” 1. Happy parents make happy teachers. Keeping parents happy is an extra assignment for teachers that do come with consequences. Unhappy parents can be barriers to teachers … Continue reading

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College Readiness Strategies for Senior In California

Author: Mary Johnson, Parent-U-Turn I imagine many of you need helped with last minute recommendations and school reports as well as assisted kids with their applications. We did both. Here are some tips for people working with seniors. Seventh semester … Continue reading

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Things Parents Can Do At Home To Support Common Core

What Parents Came Do At Home Mary Johnson, Parent-U-Turn 1)Talk about books, especially the great ones. The Common Core says that children need to read “books worth reading.” We all know that reading anythings is great for kids, but they … Continue reading

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What Every Parents Need To Know About New Common Core :

Here’s why: Mary Johnson, Parent-U-Turn 1) The standards are the same wherever you go. Common standards mean that students in USA are learning the same thing as students across the country. Students moving into or out of their state will … Continue reading

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I Have Just Read /Great Book

Follow Author Mary J on Twitter at Mary [email protected] Below please find the links to my new book, “The 21st Century Parent Multicultural Leadership Handbook..” It is a book about the relationship between parents and teachers. Enjoy! Mary Johnson Johnson … Continue reading

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Welcome to Parent U-Turn Online.

Please use the information and resources to make a difference within the schools and communities so our children will get quality opportunities to learn and excell. Our goal is to inform and equip parents with the necessary tools to encourage … Continue reading

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